Give your site a boost with a Linux Semi-dedicated Servers In The USA

Linux Semi-dedicated Hosting Services are a cross service. They characterize a one of a kind combination between the power of a Linux dedicated hosting service as well as the user–friendliness of a common website hosting account. Along with a semi–dedicated server, you won’t have root access to the server, but you also will not have to handle any server management tasks. And also you will end up capable of manage everything with the help of our Web Site Control Panel.

To be able to offer this modern web hosting solution, we have to have the assistance of a top–tier data center where we are able to set up our custom cloud infrastructure. This is exactly why we selected our US data center for being home of the semi–dedicated servers.

Our US data center is situated in downtown Chicago. It’s directly linked with a lot of the top–tier Internet suppliers in USA, offering remarkable connection for all your websites hosted there. Additionally, due to the one of a kind infrastructure we’ve got created there, we could promise you a 99.9% network uptime.

Using the joined power of our cloud website hosting system and our data center, our Linux Semi-dedicated Servers In The USA are an outstanding choice for your next web site.

Other US Hosting Services

The US data center is the home of other web hosting services aside from our US semi–dedicated servers. We offer cloud hosting packages using a unique cloud hosting platform. Every single Website Hosting In The US package includes a academy domain name for just $33.49 and limitless disk space & traffic quotas. You could pick our Linux Virtual Private Servers In The USA, which have SSDs delivering unbeatable file access speed. You can opt for a Linux Dedicated Hosting Servers In The USA – the top web hosting solution when you’ve got a live video streaming site or a CPU–intensive web application.